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We Bark. We Curse. We Rape. & We Roll. ♥ ♥ ♥

Will Be On Hiatus && Heading To Japan With SHINee Tmmrw WTF BLEH AM NOT KIDDING O.o

--BB Watch Out Im gonna Rip Out My Clothes Now ;p


I don't get any of inspirations yet *sobs*T^T and plurk is so distracting can until I cannot stay away from it for a few minutes only to manage my blog k. am keep hearing to that `tung tung tung` tone to popping out in the background and ergh so annoying. Viv you know exactly how I feel now right.

So so this gotta be a long essay post or what eh? i dunno since am typing as i go -_- What to talk about first? Ah ya been using Omegle.com & thanks Lexie Unnie I had so much fun there srsly. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Talking with a stranger who keep asking you who you are & sometimes talking about `sex` (k i knowtf) is fun sometimes. Altough sick people will come rushing out & talk about crap to you but it's okay with me laa cause im soo bored and got nothing to do. Try this people. Haha. And eh I talked to a girl who asked me am I a lesbi or not -_-;; && a stupidman ever who kept babbling about Cocks. WHAT THE FUCK.

study cock? what the fuck does it supposed to be? sick people are everywhere yo.

..the last part was turn into this :

Stranger : Big hard COCKS.
Me : are you crazy influenced by drugs or what -_-
Stranger : just waiting to explore our pants!
Stranger : COCKS
Stranger : we want them big, hard and we want them now.
Me : chew your own cocks you stupid old man -_-;;
You have disconnected.

am so gonna try to use Omegle.com again srsly ;D

and and eh forgot to tell you.
am finally got a Korean Friend yoo. Her name is Jin Young & I called her Jin Young Unnie since she's 19 and in college now. We talked on omegle for almost 2hours wtf haha. Its surely fun ya. She teached me some of Korean/Hangul words and we were spazz over the Inkigayo Performance. Jin Young Unnie was a bit shocked when I told her that I know WILD BUNNY ahaha am a fangirl yo unnie. Nothing to miss about the boys --and since am officially a hottest today after SHINee did their goodbye stage & heading to Japan tmmrw. T-T
I`ve got email from her and i haven't reply her email yet. kkk ;D
Will reply soon before I go to bed ya unnie~
또 만나요!

SHINee Goodbye Stage On Inkigayo.
Playing Clazziquai Tell Yourself. Tic Tic Toc Stop Tic Tic Tic Stop.

wtf shinee do a collab on stage with SNShitD & Minho flirted over Yuri again. This is the youtube link if you wanna watch but am even not dare enough to watch k. i was watching it first at a streaming site --thanks emma for the tip but IT WAS BUFFERING & LAGGING LIKE HELL. So I didn't fucking realized it when the boys gave the sluts A ROSE while they were all `kyakyakya` on the balcony property wtf man what.the.fuck -_- Im fucking swear that MIHNO DID STARE AT YURI WHILE THEY WERE DANCING DJCIUHF9R98
The Ending Pose was just eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.
JJongSica was seen like a couple yo. kill that sluts eh.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. gtfo.

&& this / a BOYS GENERATION VIDEO had chillin up my mood yo. Ahaha eh wait am gonna watch it first before spazz it here. *runstowatch* am back rofl rofl Taecyon bb at first was make me `O.o pink ribbon wtf` ahaha and those sailor costume are surely w.i.n. Wooyung Hyung ++cute his expression aygoo aygoooo *pinches cheeks* && YO WELCOME MC MONG ;D

Taem srsly looks like a girl. I've got the feeling that am watching School Of Rock Part 2 --and this even moaarrr `amusing` than School Of Rock Part 1. With his cute smile++pink ribbon++skinny bodeh ++and his hair wtf I bet the boys were go crazy when just looked up to him dance so girly-ish on stage & wanna take him home && pet him. Taem is a Goddess yo. DivaPinKey was really into it. Srsly HE DANCES SO WELL UNTIL I EVEN CANNOT TAKE A DEEP BREATHE WHILE WATCHING. I loved the way he rock the stage with being so DIVA-ish and pls pls pls smart netizen on Inkigayo plsss took a fancam of Key & posted it on Bestiz soon i wanna watchh him dance to the whole genie part. & his `DJ PUT IT BACK ON` was getting me a major nosebleed-ed yo. (wtfafteronewigowithkey) I kept replaying the part until 1000000xxx times & cant get enough of it. --yo am listening to it agaaennn and key was just sex. && smexy.


this this & this kills me. thanks to you choi minho.
*shovesminho+kickshimoutofmyroom* you stay there *pointstothecornerofthelivingroom* am not gonna feed you tonight. And do not disturb me while Im try to flirting with key ya. You need to be punished all night long. AND IF YOU HUNGRY EAT THAT FUCKING ROSE WHICHYOU GAVE TO YURI ON STAGE. HMPH. T^T. *goawayleaveshimalone*


--am gonna be on HIATUS until i-dunno-when-will-i-get-back.
Moved on to a new house yo & dad said that he will cut off the internet connection tmmrw -_-
BLEH. Am gonna turn into a `spoilt banana` soon. or Zombie.
Fangirl cannot live without Internet can.

--eh wait viv plurked. am gonna talk to her first.

*yes man she is my bestie. my girl. do not even try to mess around with her or else I'll BITE you to death*

Aweeee~~ she said `im missing you already` wtf oh man viv im so gonna miss you bb. i love you i love you --wait for me ya *puppyeyes* srsly my eyes just start to poofs now i even cannot see the screen clearly what the fuck. my beloved banana my lesbo friend my sex friend my exchanging husband in one night friend my green minded friend my bb my friend in almost everything -be good and wait for me ya viv. am gonna run off to you soon. am gonna fucking beg my daddy to quickly put on the internet connection in my new house soon in every single day so that I could spazz with you all the time. Srsly am EFFIN GLAD TO KNOW YOU K. You are the most gorgeous person I've ever met. You match with me --i dunno how to explain this but you seem like a very good old friend which I know since I was 3 years young haha. Spazz with you is my fave thing ever y' should now this -_- imagining wild together & you even cannot speak like all of my girl friends like `ew dila ew` ahaha. IM GLAD TO KNOW YOU & I WILL VISIT YOU SOON BB (lol am just too biased eh? it's look like we wanna say goodbye forever aheh =_=). VIVIENNE LEMME BEARHUGGING YOU PLS

&& Plurk Familyy. My Beloved Bananas, My Beloved Plurks Friends am consider plurk as my second home now eh. -_- If I got back home I always runs off to my oldhagpc, turn on my modem and log in to my account then messing around on plurk. I will miss this time srsly. You girls are all awesome k.

Xineen am gonna miss you my little bb *hugsyoutightly* am gonna be around soon I promise you. Lexie Unnie mooommmmm *clinging on your arms* take care of my Minho Hubby ya. Do not touch him even just for an inches and do not let the girls flirt on him. lol. but eh I lend you Minho for one night onlyk. Enjoyy~~ Kyra I will miss you awuu~ D: go go keep updating the fanfics ya hwaiting! Emma Shdah Reora Rafikhuno & Vanessa my shalow/shinee world friends *tackles* stick with SHINee ya you guys. i'll miss our spazzing times.
Zaliha Zen Tifanny Phawee Umma Aria Cesckii Cindy Heartkhun Jem Squidumma XiahJs Seff-roo Hazel Batgirl Jasmine Tta Shella To-kiwookie Wawa/Mrs.Kims *hugsyouguysonebyone* and *throwyouchocolatetruffles*
Rinda unnie -am gonna miss you and your junsu pppft. wait for me yo unnie ;D

and oh btw im not gonna freezed my karma i think -.-;; will update regurarly through my phone but still cannot spazz with you all guys awuu -____-
I will freeze my karma yo. I don't think I`ll have much time to plurk D:

친 공이 타자 PLURK!
나 약속 will be there soonnnn ♥ ♥ ♥

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Chocolate Truffles + We Live In Oz. CLAZZIQUAI :D

I`m so deeply in love with Clazziquai recently.
Thanks Viv for letting me know this such amazing jazz group ever from Korea.
Srsly am listening to Lazy Sunday Morning all day long yesterday [pppft its matched with my condition yesterday] and now Chocolate Truffles is playing softly & warmly in the background. I put Chocolate Truffles on repeat yo. Alex's voice is really really creamy dreamy softly warmly bluntly and im fucking swear if am listening this before I go to bed I`ll fall asleep in just a glimpse.

Chocolate Truffles. ♫ ♫ ♫

Hey Sun's setting down.
이제 달콤한 꿈을 꿀 준비를 해
Close your eyes.
I'll put magic spell.
포근한 솜사탕 구름
Warm Cotton Candy Clouds.
곰 인형과 창 밖을 바라봐
Bear out the window and look at
Since Chocolate Truffles fall.
이제 달콤한 꿈을 꿀 준비를 해
Now to get a sweet dream.
장미정원 젤리나무와
Trees & Rose gardens jelly
카라멜 강이 흐르는
Caramel river
참 아름다운 풍경이구나
That's beautiful scenery
모든 게 꿈처럼 느껴지겠지
All it would feel like a dream.

Was googling Clazziquai & found Clazziquai's thread on Soompi. Been digging up on youtube to found out some amazing live performance from them. And srsly Alex & Horan got a really intense chemistry while they are singing and that even turns the song becomes moaar lovely.
This proofs it.

Clazziquai is <3 people.
Go fangirling them && download their Mucho Punk album here and here.
Im gonna drowning myself ups and downs in Chocolate Truffles now.
& will listen to this before I go to bed tonight.
Haha ;p

Eh what the fuck `We live in Oz` playing now --&& it makes me missss Kim Ki Bum from SuJu even more. Srsly im getting goosebumps now while listening. Ki Bum ah~ my first love my bb my first for everything --I MISS YOU. D:
I remembered when I was watching the video from OZ featuring Kibum Kim Bum & the other artists. I were spazzing like crazy and even posted/ kept updating the `We Start` or OZ project regurarly on my blog here.

눈을 떠 눈을 떠 다시 세상으로
어디로 어디로 다른 나를 찾아
아무도 누구도 한번도 알지 못한
We live in Oz.

One more try give it one more try.
깊은 숨을 쉬고 다시 눈을 뜨고
Give it another try just another try.
오래 참아왔던 너의 모든 꿈을 찾아
We live in Oz.
My desktop Wallie.
Dedicated to Kibummie Oppa.

Kim Ki Bum 우리는 당신을 기다릴 것입니다!!!

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SHINee Goodbye Stage @ Music Core -__-
Currently Playing -- SHINee Please Don't Go.

SHINee MuCore Goodbye Stage TT_TT

Background Song : Westlife - Queen Of My Heart.
Boys in Tuxedo @ The Garden.

Taem : *smiles innocently* Would you wait for me?
Minho : *stares heavenly* Would you wait for me?
Key : *points at viv--grins* Don't cheat on me.
Jjong : *points at Emma--hands on temple--smirks* If you cheat on me... *sighs* *im gonna rape you tonight*
Onew : *puppy's lost expression --smiles gently thenthen suddenly widely* I will miss you.

Srsly im squealing my head off now while re-watching the opening part of the video -_- Our boys all lookin` soo dreamy --&& Onew strikes my heart slightly there. --*rubs chest* imma get some heart attacks now if I keep watching that kkk ;D Ayygooo~~ Goodbye Stage Already ehh. I never expected that it will gonna be this fast yea D: 2months aren't enough for me. For Shisus's sake they've been gone for almost 1year but their comeback stage just last for 2months only wtf. We need more SHINee, Soo Man. *glaresathim* We don`t need them to heading Japan --we need them to stay in Korea only pls. *kickssoomantoAfrica*

I was crying out loud while watching their last performance on Music Core this afternoon --Along with bananareora , bananaemma; , banananen, ★ / VANESSA; && too bad viv was going out to somewhere & wasn't there to accompanied us while cursed that Soo Man && crying && imagining good times during Juliette Perfm & Such. T_T And we run out of tissues. Even Reora used her sleeves to mops out her tears kk ;p Plurks. Plurks2.

No more Key's blinks =_=;;

No more throw flying kisses D:

No more `hottysmexay` dubu style *noseblooded*

O.o & O.o Hubby ommo did you just lick your tongue? rofl ;D

Im gonna miss Juliette's.
Awuuu~ andwaeyo andwaeyo geureoke gajimayo~ *sings Please Don't Go*
Even Im getting sick of it lately but still it brings back a lot beautiful memories. When they win a first place in their Comeback Stage, Special Comeback Stage on Music Core, SuSHINee Love, Energy Song, Sukira, 2 Mutizen in Inkigayo, Onew-Fainted-Accident, Key's curled hair, Ha Sang Baek's Weird Accesories, Bugs outfits, Colorful skinny jeans, Key's colored eyebrow, Jjong's casanova hairstyle, Minho's expanded hair style, Taem's blue contact lenses, Diva Pinkey Style, Dubu's sangtaeness on stage & a lot more. -___-;;
Thanks for this 2 months SHINee. Im gonna wait for you all --im sure i`ll be faithful &l i won`t cheating on you boys IM BELONG TO SHALOW FOREVER YA. :) Be sure to comeback soon with a full album haha--we`ll gonna wait for you even if it takes forever until I get to see the boys ;D kwtfamkiddingicouldsocommitasuicideificannotseethemallanymore.


Be good Be healthy Be shining all the time.
샤이니 Bogoshipeolkoya~
난 미스 너 샤이니 . ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
당신을 사랑합니다 Forever. ♥ ♥ ♥

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SHINee Boys Shiny Quiz <3
What's Up! rofl I just woke up from my 4 hours nap ( i know it seems crazy but i was fucking tired like hell -_-;;) so ergh I feel like floating away now. D: I went to Soompi as soon as my oldhag PC was `on` and got to know that shinee thread was jumped over 4/5 pages (if i`m not wrong) since last night update. HECKYESHBB. Too much pictures-- i`m sure shinee soompi thread will flood in the next few days. Our boys appeared in many variety show :D (Golden Ladder, Sukira, Gag Show, SGB, SK, etc) wowow I`m supposed to be happy at this time but no no no no (key's accent) --im so missing our little maknae now since he's too busy filming his THJ SITCOM. BB MINNIE COMES UP WITH YOUR HYUNGS ASAP PLS PLS PLS. D:


wtf i even cannot find Taem's latest pic on my shinee-spam-folder. ):
You missed a lot of fun bb. Shall appear in the next variety show k?
But Not In STAR KING yea since Kang Ho Dong Hyung will RAEP you as soon as you get there.
*covered Taem's ears*

Jjong's Raptor

Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah.
And Onew Dubunny you make me homfgshit *shivers*
you.really.know.how.to.give.me.a.major.nose.bleeded. yo.
T^T I shouldn't fall for you this fast k -_-


-- srsly Lee Jinki I`m gonna love you more these days. ;D

UP TO SHINee Quiz.
I found this @Soompi and it's interesting. :)
So Im gonna try to do this.


Best Friend
Im so gonna choose my KeyKey Bb. Haha. Come on girls, she gets all of a bbf material right. ;p Handsome, Funny, Straightforward, Loves To Go Shopping, Caring (heyy he's the umma!) && yet pretti with a flawless skin ever. What else could a girl wants to make him as their bestie rofl? Im imagining when I'll go shopping with Key & he will scold over me all the time because of my old-fashioned sense & instead of buy something for himself he'll walk around the store & get me a nice clothes from the rack. Just like `No no no go try this shoes you stupid old-fashioned girl.` Yes he's the diva. :D

One Night Stand
Come on Jjong, stay with me for a night yeah... Just because I`m a Jjong-Biased (add this --he's so smexy mature handsome & his voice is a gift of God srsly) & I know he fully knows how to treat a girl well. He got casanova material kkkk. -and will be good in bed yeah :)

Husband/Life Partner
pls do not make me put onew into this pls pls pls siwon
Y` know who exactly I'd like to choose here. Of course it's you CHOI MINHO it's you. My crush, My love, My heart desire, My destiny, My future husband, My everything. CHOI MINHO --I wanna be with you only for the rest of my life k. He's so Manly & Gentleman & Adorable & Hardworking & Lovely & the one which I know will be a good husband and the perfect man to marry. ;D [oh k maybe it just because i`m a minho-freak & im loving him into a little tiny bits of love]

Brother :
Dubu & Taem. Dubu as my older brother & Taem as my younger brother. Aygooo~ What a life~~! Dubu.. I know he's clumsy + fail in almost everything & always drowning into his sangtae-ness but it even make him becomes too fucking much adorable to handle ya. He'll make a good brother -- always be there to help me solve my problems (;pp) and his smileeeeeee could cures my broken-hearted over the boys. And im pretti sure that he will fight over those who hurted his little sister ;D (ohwell I worship you so fucking damn much dububabybro) & as Taem.. I just want him to call me `Noona` and squeezeed him hard all the time in my bed. kkk. k i know go bricks me Shalow i`m too 'ew' harrharr.

Acquitance :
dnw shinee boys be ONLY my acquitance k. -__- At least I wanna be friend with them ----Edit. rofl i know the answers. Their Manager Hyung


- rmmbr this accident when onew fainted? :(

♥ ♥ ♥

Tongue's Alert !!

*licks me. licks me.*


P.S : It's been a good 2 months bbs. i feel like you guys just make a comeback yesterday and now what?! wanna end up promoting Juliette on Music Core tmmrw. ): Im freaking fucking sad y' know -_- i've got the feeling that SMENT wants to make otherdbsk for letting the boys go to Japan & debut there. pls shinee pls stay in Korea only D: Im happy with our boys --they could achieve more & gain a lot of fans & spreads SHINee Love all over the world if they go overseas to Japan but but go stab me yeah --im too over protective with the boys D: well well who the heck am i? just a fangirl. a fanatic fangirl. i can't do anything except go support them in everything they gonna do in the next future right? eventho i feel like my heartt is `wreeeeeck` crashed into pieces.

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Blahblahblah -
Ow. SUP YO. :D
I`m back I`m back I`m back.
HarHar. BananaHarrr. --k.that's the way I`m bark.

I've changed the blog's layout. Haa I was being fuck fed up by the old one yea ): and decided to work out with a new layout. It hasn't accomplish yet--the icon still `ew ew`.

I'm on research of an AWEZOME icon of my favourite OTP OTP OTP ever, MinKey.

Pic Spot --Coming Soon @ tommorow.

Two hotness being together is L.O.V.to.E. right. Key with his blabberblahblah cannot-stop-to-speak-habit should be paired with Minho's fucking flaming sexycharisma which could shut Key up and melt him along like a cheese that seared up above the stove. Then the two will realize that they love each other to the bits of bitches and being gay. Yes GAY. They better go crazy and gay before that fucking fuck fuck fuck `cuh-ri-stals` will stalk and approach them in every single day during their rest time after promoting Juliette. Ah ya `cuh-ri-stals` gtfo.

What the fuck am I telling you now ?! I shall stop before my trashy-fucking-mouth will cough up more crap about those two. Hahah. So So --

Wish me luck ya. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Happy Birhtday Vivienne ♥

-Show You A Manly Side Of Diva.

♥ ♥ ♥

Today is Vivienne's Birthday.

I just gave her a birhtday wish on her Facebook and it could be a waste of time if I just copied all the things that I've put down on her Facebook to here.
(so long k i haven't realized that the length could be THAT long ergh. D:)
So so~ I'm gonna make a new one! :D

*points at Vivienne*


Dear Vivienne, happy birthday for Tuesday, July 21th. Your KeyKey is missing you so damn much and wanting you to come to his warm embraces now so go to Korea as soon as possible bb <3>
Let Our GodSiwon decorate a sparkling sapphire blue sky to wishes you of `love happiness health and of course willing to FANGIRLING forever in your whole life time`.
Let SHINee love SHINE in your birthday day.
And may GOD bless you to FUCKING RAPE KEY AT LEAST once in your life time.

Love. Hugs.
And Sugar


Save the best for the last.


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Glad That I'm Still Alive -_-
Sorri Sorri Sorri Has Been Gone For Such A Long Long Long Timeee. D:


lolol. It's been ALMOST one month since I HAVEN'T POST ANYTHING up to this blog. ergh. D: Am I such a suckish blogger or what? Mianhee~~ blog T_T. Y' know the problem ryt? Y' exactly know the case, HOLIDAY WAS TOTALLY A NIGHTMARE (lololol not really eh, it could be much worsen if i couldn't meet yuu -.-) I can't get online through almost the whole time. Yeah, been dragged along by mom to anywhere --a/n including her hometown, Mall, Salon and some fucking stores which is giving me a FREE HELL to go through. ):
I was trapped in my Mom's cage.
Well, Almost.
I could fucking escape from her a while though when me and my cousin back again to the city (byeee yuu fucking mom's hometown -_-) and gone wild with my friends there. Surely Fun

lmaoo what the fuck with the hands.

runaway girl

Hohoho~~ and my lovely cousin now (the one I've been friends with for almost 15 years) is officially infected to our crazy fangirl mode lmaao. She's turned into a `crazeh` fangirl lately after I've piled up his mind with loaaads of SHINee's stuff (pics, videos, gifs and such) and the one she loves to death in SHINee is Onew --a/n lexie unnie got a rival huh? 8D

SHINee Sing Rainism Live.

We all know how SUPERCUTELYYETADORABLE Dubu with his pink sweater~~ (ommomoo it looks verriii comfortable and soft :D) while jjong is busy act superkull which I know has burned a bunch noona's hearts into ashes. The rest are also mesmerezing tho but the reason why my cousin LOVE this video so much is JUST because;

When OnewDubu completely KILL US with his `BODYSHAKEE` (break down into his condition again we know that -___-) comes, she will banging her head in the wall crazy wops I mean CRAAAAAZIIILYYYY and roll roll rolllll on the floor. I could so tackle her at that time and I fully know that she won't angry at all. She's too busy with her own dubuworld err. fangirl. :p

kWhat's next? Lovelife? lololo~~ I've been waiting until this part should comes in this blog post. I met with my online buddy which I've known since October 2008. And it was... kinda surprising how we could easily get together among those times. He matches with me, in a very unique way. I felt like `being together with him is the only reason why should I fall for him`. I know he's not that kind of guy who lookin' like a fabulous one and yet-- He isn't as hot as myminho. But why should I mind this when he's totally stole my heart and locked it with a big padlock in his pocket ergh. -_-''

But I'm not ready enough to say that I had forget with my dream which is --> Come to Korea and marrying Choi Minho. I still consider him as my destiny; the one I'll haunt through my whole life time. DO NOT WORRY.

and by the way I'll move on to another city next month which giving me a big biiigg `YAAY`

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